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How to Contribute to the Wiki

Wiki Information

This Space Pool managed wiki is a public open-source project built using Docusaurus and Markdown. Anyone interesting in contributing to this wiki can visit the public git repository at

How to Contribute to the Git Repository

Since this wiki is managed using a public git repository, contributions can be made either by cloning the git repo (for more advanced users) or from GitHub website directly (new users). Individual pages are written with Markdown.

Prerequisites to Contribute

  1. Create an account in GitHub
  2. Visit the Space Pool Wiki repository @
  3. Clone the repo or start editing using the GitHub website UI (see below video steps for easy edits from GitHub website UI)

Creating a Pull Request

The below video shows an example of how to create a pull request of changes directly from the GitHub website UI.

Diffing Your Changes

The below video shows how to diff your changes and visually see the rendering of markdown from the source.

What Happens After My Pull Request?

After you have successfully created a pull request, one of the Space Pool team members will review and give feedback. Once the pull request has been approved it will be merged in and deployed by a member of the Space Pool team.


  • What is Git?
    • Git is a source-management system, used very popularly by developers. Git has a steep learning curve, so inexperienced users are recommended to make contributions directly from GitHub website UI.
  • What's a pull request?
    • A pull request is a contribution to a git repository requested to be merged in with the overall repository. To create a pull request means you have some changes ready for review to merge into the overall project
  • What is Markdown?
    • Markdown is a markup language used by many wikis and message boards for displaying information. The basics of markdown are broken down on this wikipedia page.